Adventures with Sweeda

Kalbi Korean BBQ Restaurant

Kalbi is a Korean BBQ Restaurant in Clerkenwell and a 5 minute walk from Farringdon Station. Sweeda mentioned it while we in Copenhagen and suggested I make a visit and that time has come today.

When we arrived the restaurant was packed but this started to ease down during the evening. Sweeda made a reservation so our table was ready. The venue was nothing to shout about with basic decor.

You can order from the main menu which includes sushi and bento boxes or select an option from the buffet menu. The Buffet Menu has several options to choose from depending how hungry you are and meat you want to eat.

We chose option B from the buffet menu which included a variety of starters including gyozas and frittata. A selction of kimichi as well as three sauces whic included vingera, soya sauce and a sweet chilli sauce. Also a side of kimchi rice. The chicken pieces included in the starter were delcious and the frittata was flavoursome. The Kimchi rice was delicious. You can cpntinue to order more plates by letting the waiteress know.


Once we finished the starters, the waitress removed the empty plates and presented a selection of raw chicken and pork (chickem thighs, beelly pork but more like bacon and pork pieces) for us to cook ourselves. It allows you to be interative and take the role of a chef for the evening. Sweeda put her chef hat on and cooked the meat on the grill while I waited patiently. The meat was cooked to perfection thanks to Sweedas cooking skills.


Overall the food was tasty and very filling but the service wasn’t very quick. I wouldn’t rush back but I’m happy I got try Korean food.

Rating: 7/10

I hope you enjoyed. Please follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts. Until next time.

Petrina x


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  1. Oh no! I had hoped you would love Korean food! Haha deffo gonna take you to another place where you don’t have to do the cooking. 😂 one with lots of interesting flavours too! 😘

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