Adventures with Sweeda

Cocktails at Tonight Josephine’s

Sweeda and I decided to go for cocktails at Tonight Josephine’s in Waterloo. The cocktail bar is based on Waterloo Road across the road from Waterloo Station. It’s best to reserve a table to avoid disappointment as it’s another Instagram favourite.

From the moment you step inside, you see a variety of pretty girly decor with neon lights and a hidden floral ceiling corridor. The bar was smaller than I imagined. The tables and chairs are quite high up so I had to tiptoe to get onto the chair. The bar was packed with women apart from one couple. The atmosphere was buzzing with laughter and they played great music.

The cocktails were quite pricey but what do you expect with these trendy cocktail bars. They have happy hour every day from 5-7pm where they offer 2 for 1 on cocktails.

To start, we went for the COSMOS-POLITAN which was £10.50 and the PORN STAR MARTINI for £11.50. The COSMOS-POLITAN consisted of glittery lemon-infused Eristoff vodka, orange liqueur, lime cordial and cranberry juice. The PORN STAR MARTINI was made up of Vanilla-infused Eristoff vodka, passion fruit liqueur, passion fruit, apple juice, vanilla and Prosecco. The cocktails were nice but nothing special.

The next round was a MOJITO FESTIVALE for £10.90 and NO TIME FOR NAPOLEON which was £10.50. The MOJITO included Bacardi Carta Oro rum, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, sugar and soda. The NO TIME FOR NAPOLEON comprised of Dry vermouth, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, peach and a macaron.

Overall I loved the pretty decor and the atmosphere but the cocktails were overpriced and the staff were not the friendliest.

Rating: 5/10

I hope you enjoyed. Please follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts. Until next time.

Petrina x


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