My Bubble Tea Obsession

I love Bubble Tea and have driven all over London trying different brands. One of my favourites so far is the Passion Fruit Bubble Tea from Bubbleology.

Another favourite was at a place in Piccadilly but I can’t remember the name. The shop didn’t look like the most appealing place but the bubble tea was amazing. It was a mixture of kiwi, jelly and boba balls. I would definitely recommended if I knew the name; sorry .

Pearls, Brighton

I had the opportunity to visit Brighton with my good friend Michelle. Whilst exploring the town we came across Pearls. The Mango Bubble Tea was so refreshing that I went back for another. I even got Michelle to try and she loved it too.

Pearls Bubble Tea, Brighton

Biju Soho, London

I wanted to kill some time while I waited for my Nepalese sister Sweeda (please follow her at Sweetpea and Sunflower) at Leicester Square so I decided to go hunting for Bubble Tea. It was a short walk to Biju. The Bubble Tea was nice but it had a slight after taste.


Hachoo Bubble Tea, Canada Water

Hachoo is a Bubble Tea stall near Canada Water tube station. We received a quick service. The Bubble Tea was tasty. I will definitely go back.

Bubble Tea Surrey Quays

Mooboo, Queensway London

On my drive home I drove past Mooboo and I obviously I had to make a visit. I opted for the Passion Fruit Bubble Tea which was tasteful and satisfying.


T4, Shepherds Bush

Close to Shepherds Bush Tube station this small shop had a variety of teas to try from. You can select how sweet you want your tea and the amount of ice. I went for my usual Passion Fruit and Sweeda went for a Milk Tea which reminded me of drinking the milk after eating cereal.


Please feel free to let me know the best Bubble Tea places to try.

I hope you enjoyed.

Petrina x


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