Taking Stock

I read my good friend’s Sweedas blog (check it out here) and found a great post which was about taking stock of your life by answering a list of questions. I thought it was a great read so decided to do my own stock take.

Taking stock list

Making: Checklists to become more productive and to form new habits.

Cooking: Grilled chicken and vegetables. I’m trying to bring my own lunches to work instead of going to the canteen. I actually prefer my own food which is filling instead of the small portions provided by the canteen. I’m also saving money which is a bonus.

Drinking: Water. I’m trying to cut back on the fizzy drinks and I can definitely feel the difference.

Listening to: YNAB (You Need a Budget) podcasts. I’m trying to improve my spending behaviours and stick to a budget which can be hard when you’ve always been a spender. The podcasts give me the motivation to stick to my budget and keep going even when I fall off track.

Reading: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso (click on the image below to read more and purchase the book). I must admit it’s collecting dust on my bedside table but I will continue reading tonight. 

Next read: Losing My Virginity by Sir Richard Branson(click on the image below to read more and purchase the book). I bought this book to read when I was on holiday but I only read the first few pages. I love reading but I’ve been falling behind with my books so I want to get into the habit of reading every night before bed.

Wanting: to be more consistent with my blog and post twice a week. I have been procrastinating and need to get back on track as blogging is something I enjoy.

Looking: Girly in my Oasis Heart Dress and sending out love to everyone.

Oasis Heart Dress

Playing: My Summer ’19 playlist on my phone and reminiscing on my summer holidays.

Deciding: Whether if I should go to the shop to buy a chocolate bar? Probably best not to.

Wishing: I was debt-free but with YNAB hopefully I will be debt-free soon.

Enjoying: Travelling the world. This year I’ve had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen, Jamaica, Berlin and Dublin.

Waiting: For hometime. I think it’s time I review my career goals as it only 12:48 in the afternoon.

Liking: Lindor Chocolate Truffles. They are my favourite.

Lindor Chocolate Truffles

Wondering: Where I will be in 5 years? Time to write my 5-year plan as time waits for no one.

Loving: Spending quality time with my family and friends.

Pondering: If I should start looking for a new job or stay in my current role and gain more experience.

Considering: Joining the gym but the question is will I attend and be consistent?

Buying: Blueberries. A lovely addition to my porridge in the morning.

Watching: Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 6

Next watch: 13 Reasons Why Season 3. I do love a boxset and if you’re into teen dramas then this is one for you.

13 Reasons Why

Hoping: It’s doesn’t rain.

Marvelling: At how time flies by! My nephew started school this week and I can’t believe how much he is grown. I’ll blink and he’ll be working.

Cringing: At waving at someone I thought was my friend and not getting a wave back. I then realised it wasn’t her. Just keep smiling.

Needing: To be more productive each day as I feel I am wasting a lot of time on pointless tasks and not completing important tasks fast enough.

Questioning: Why there are so many killings in London? There have been over 100 killings in London this year and the number increases each day. When will it stop?

Smelling: Grilled chicken as I just ate my lunch in my office.

Wearing: My coat as the temperature has dropped so wrapping up to keep warm.

Following: Saint Aymes on Instagram. It’s been named one of the prettiest cafes in London and is on my list of places to visit this year. It reminds me of Peggy Porshen which is another beautiful cafe.

Worrying: If I will reach my goal weight? I’m currently trying to eat healthily and incorporate exercise into my daily routine. This is a new habit that I am forming and I need to not be hard on myself if I have a bad day.

Noticing: The change of weather. Autumn is coming.

Knowing: That I am good enough as sometimes I have self-doubt.

Thinking: About things to be grateful for and to make it a daily practice to have gratitude.

Admiring: All the women embracing their natural hair. It’s so encouraging to see and makes me want to own my natural hair.

Natural Hair

Sorting: Through clothes, books and shoes. My goal is to declutter and get rid of things I no longer use/need.

Getting: Through my to-do list at work.

Bookmarking: Recipes on Pinterest. I’m cooking a lot more so want to try some new recipes and Pinterest has a huge variety to try from. Check out the site here.

Coveting: A new handbag as the one I have has been used to the max.

Disliking: Celery

Celery Not Allowed

Opening: A Help to Buy ISA to save towards buying a property in the future. The government scheme ends in November so if you’re saving towards a deposit for your first home check out more info here.

Giggling: At an old photo from 2008 when I thought I looked amazing in my outfit. A couple of colleagues went to watch a Ska band. When I look at it now I ask myself what I was thinking.  I will now embarrass myself by posting the photo below (me and one of the singers from the band). It’s all a lesson and the main thing was I felt great at the time.


Feeling: Lazy. I need to snap out of this. Ever since I came back from holiday I’ve had no motivation to do anything.

Snacking: Walkers Smoky Bacon crisps. Yummy.

Hearing: The sounds of the horses from my office window going back to the barracks.

It was a lot harder than I thought to complete this list but I enjoyed it.

Why don’t you take stock and share your list? It would be great to see.

I hope you enjoyed. Please follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts. Until next time.

Petrina x


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  1. Do Not buy that chocolate bar! Bring some bananas or something for the week. Comon stick to our goals. 13 reasons why disturbed me. It makes me dislike the patriarchy more and I didn’t think I could. Lol at the cringing. That’s too funny. That pink outfit is so pretty! Hahaha, I had a pink phase too. I love taking stock ever so often. Like every quarter and then compare with the last one to see what’s changed and how far you’ve come. Good read!


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