Mum’s Birthday Treat at The Shard

It was my Mum’s 60th Birthday in September so I wanted to treat her to something special and decided to take her for Brunch at Hutong in The Shard. I’ve wanted to visit The Shard for so long and would always walk past but never got to visit until now. Mum and I were the first customers to arrive in the restaurant as it was lunch time. The waiter greeted us with a smile and directed us to our table. The view was incredible from our table.

Hutong at the Shard

We decided to choose the Lunch Experience Menu with Bubbles which was a 4 course meal with a glass of Prosecco.  For the first course we ate the most mouth-watering Dumplings which were filled with a variety of prawns and vegetables. The second course was Poached Monkfish in Lamb Broth which had a delicate but pleasant taste. The third course was a variety of dishes; Cuttlefish, Beef Tenderloin, Pak Choi and Pickled Vegetable Fried Rice. The cuttlefish had an unusual texture but the beef tenderloin and vegetable fried rice were full of flavour. The final course was a luscious mango pudding. They brought Mum’s dessert out with a candle and a Happy Birthday message on a piece of chocolate which was lovely. The receipt was presented in a beautiful vintage box.

The receipt was placed in this box

Before we left, I took a trip to the toilets. As soon as you walk in you see a wonderful view of London. The toilets had usual doors with a stain glass effect. The view when washing my hands was spectacular.

The meal and experience were amazing. Mum had a lovely time and when she’s happy I’m happy. It will be a great memory to look back on.

Mum and I

I hope you enjoyed. Until next time.

Petrina x

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