Happy Birthday to Me 2019

Today marks my 35th Birthday. I am so thankful and grateful to see another birthday. I completed a similar blog post last year so wanted to make it a new tradition. This year has flown by and I just wanted to reflect on what I have achieved since my last birthday and set new goals to work towards.

Last year I set the following tasks to improve on:

  1. Time management – I need to prioritise tasks and block time out to complete tasks Update: This is something I am still working on. I have been blocking out time in my work calendar to complete tasks but this still needs to be improved. Now that I am completing my degree I need to balance my workload with my assignments and personal life.
  2. Stop procrastinating – Create and post blogs posts on a regular basis.             Update: Another task I didn’t put 100% into. I have published 25 blog posts this year out of 104 (2 blog posts a week) compared to 29 blog posts published last year. My views have increased by 278 and my visitors have increased by 368. I enjoy creating content for my blog so I will dedicate more time over the next year to grow and improve it.

    Diet and Exercise – I need to incorporate exercise into my daily routine as well as eating a healthier diet. Update: I have lost a total of 2 stone since this year January and I’m on my way to achieving my target weight in the new year. I need to incorporate more exercise.


I have included links to my blog posts so you can read more. I’m also in the process of writing blog posts on the attractions and places I have visited so more to follow.

  • Pass my degree
  • Improve on time management
  • Post 2 blog posts a week
  • Read a new book a month
  • Incorporate a form of exercise 3 times a week
  • Learn to read music
  • Research new jobs

Here’s to another year full of adventure and personal development.

I hope you enjoyed. Please follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts. Until next time.

Petrina x