2017 New Years Resolution – Visit a new restaurant every month

Every year we set ourselves New Years Resolutions but most of the time we never accomplish them. Well, I don’t but this year I have. Yay, celebrations to the first new years resolution I have ever accomplished.

My good friend Hazel and I decided we would visit a new restaurant every month and we achieved it (some months we even visited 2 restaurants). We visited a variety of restaurants from Duck and Waffle to Dans Le Noir (Dinner in the Dark). My favourite restaurant was Kaspar’s at The Savoy.

January – Kaspar’s at The Savoy

This was my favourite Restaurant. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was amazing. I had Scallops with Beetroot Risotto for starter, Hereford Fillet Steak with Truffle Mash for main and Sticky Toffee and Date Pudding with Burnt Orange Ice Cream. I would definitely recommend a visit.

February – Playground Bar

In February we decided to change it up and go to a cocktail bar. The bar is small but we had a table booked so we were comfortable. The DJ played a mixture of R’n’B and Dance music. There is a wide range of cocktails to choose from that are priced from £8-£11. I ordered a Prosecco cocktail and a tropical mojito which were ok but I’ve had better.

March – Gilgamesh

We waited an hour to be seated and that was with a reservation. It’s a big venue but the tables are crammed in so you feel close to the table next to you. There’s also a club in the venue which looked busy and you can get in free if you’ve eaten at the restaurant. I wasn’t impressed by the food hence why there is no photo but I did enjoy my glass of Prosecco. Cheers.


April – Duck and Waffle

When you arrive at the building you enter a glass lift. I felt like I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when they are in the glass lift and they shoot up out of the building.  Situated on the 40th floor, you are given an incredible view of London.

We thought we would try the famous Duck and Waffle which was tasty. I couldn’t leave without a dessert so I tried the chocolate fondant which melted in my mouth and was gone in what felt like seconds.

To end the month we went to see Bruno Mars in Concert. This was one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Bruno is such an amazing performing with his funky dance moves and smooth vocals.

May – Galvin at Windows

A deal called ‘Picnic in the Sky’ caught my attention on Groupon so I thought why not book and see. Cheap and cheerful at £29 for 2 people. This included a cocktail each and little nibbles (risotto balls, chicken bites, mini burger and a cake). Galvin at Window’s is situated on the 28th Floor at the Hilton Park Lane.

June – Yumn

The decor in the restaurant was classy and sophisticated and unfortunately that was the only good thing. The food was disappointing but at least we still had a smile on our face.

July – Q Bar and Kitchen

The food at this restaurant was tasteful and very filling. I will definitely be going back and it’s local which is a bonus. The staff were friendly and very attentive. If you want a delicious meal for a good price I would check this place out.

August – Shaka Zulu

From the moment we stepped inside the atmosphere was buzzing and the African interior catches your eye. From elephants to carved designs on the wall you don’t feel like you’re in London. The toilets had a safari theme with an incredible painting of an African lady. I had high hopes for the food but was dissatisfied. The prawn starter was cold and the steak wasn’t anything special. We had a nice evening but I won’t be rushing back.

We took a quick 5 day break to New York. We stayed in Time Square and all the main attractions were within walking distance. The weather was amazing and I loved every minute of it. Great company, yummy food and fantastic memories. What more can you ask for?

September –  Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds is a small Jamaican Restaurant in Brixton.The restaurant was packed with happy customers enjoying their meals. We ordered a selection of dishes from Rice and Peas to Jerk Pork which tasted luscious.


October – To a Tea and Waterloo Bar and Kitchen

As soon as we entered the shop the staff gave us a friendly welcome. We were presented with a menu of various teas from Chai Tea to Rose buds. We were presented with a variety of sandwiches and cakes which were delightful.

Waterloo Bar and Kitchen was nice and quiet. It was a cold afternoon so a roast dinner was a perfect way to warm up. The chicken was lovely and moist. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. To end I had my usual; sticky toffee pudding. Yummy.

November – Dans Le Noir and Bromley Court Hotel

Dinner in the dark was a strange but interesting experience. When you enter the reception you are asked to put your coat and bags in a locker. You are then advised to select a menu (Red = meat, White = chef’s choice (meat and fish)  Blue = Seafood and Green = Vegetarian) and order a drink. Once everyone has selected a menu you are directed to line up in groups of 6 and place you right hand on the person’s shoulder in front. You are then led into the pitch black restaurant. I felt a bit scared when I entered the restaurant as it was a strange feeling having your eyes open but not being able to see anything. The food was exquisite. I ordered the Red menu which was revealed at the end  to be Guinea Fowl, Wagyu Beef and Lamb. It was amazing. The dessert a mousse with a chocolate ring wasn’t impressive but it hasn’t put me off from visiting again.

Dans Le Noir

I have driven past The Bromley Court Hotel for years and day came to visit for Hazel’s birthday. The decor was clean and sophisticated with hints of Christmas. The salmon main was delicious I wanted more.

December – Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson Hotel

As soon as you walk into the Hotel you are faced with a red lips sofa and an unusual Christmas tree. The afternoon tea was set in a marquee outside. Blankets were placed on the chairs as it was chilly. I would recommend to visit in the Summer. The assortment of cakes were pleasing. Each cake had a different details from the stopwatch macron to the chessboard cherry tart. We wasn’t able to finish everything but we tried our best.


The restaurants and places on our list for 2018 are:

  • Circus
  • The Ritz
  • The Rum Kitchen
  • Jazz Cafe
  • Crazy Bear
  • The Hoxtons
  • Rumpus Room
  • Portobello Market
  • Sketch
  • Junkyard Clubhouse

What’s your New Years resolutions for 2018?

Can you recommend any restaurants or interesting places to visit?

I hope you enjoyed.

Petrina x

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