Dinner at Brassiere of Light

When Hazel asked if I wanted to check out a new restaurant for our monthly catch up, I couldn’t say no. Brassiere of Light is located on the 1st Floor within Selfridges, Oxford Street. The decor was elegant with mirrored tables and a massive glittery pegasus leaping from the wall. The restaurant was busy and there was a sophisticated ambience.

The menu had a variety of dishes to choose from including salads, steak and spaghetti and lobster. I opted for the Popcorn Shrimp with a creamy spicy sauce to start with and Roast Salmon with Caviar and Truffle Mashed Potato as a side dish. The popcorn shrimp was tasty and the spicy sauce had a nice kick. The salmon was moist and melted in my mouth. The truffle mash was lovely and creamy. The total bill came up to £92 which included soft drinks and service charge.

Rating: 9/10 – The food was flavoursome and the restaurant had a great atmosphere.  The reason why I didn’t rate the restaurant 10/10 was that the tables were close together and you could hear everyone’s conversation.

I hope you enjoyed. Please follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts. Until next time.

Petrina x



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