Adventures with Sweeda – Soho

I love catching up with Sweeda because she always finds great places to visit with a nice atmosphere. Sweeda created a list of the best bars to visit in Soho to celebrate my birthday. We started off the evening in China Town. Sweeda recommended a lovely restaurant called Leong’s Legend which apparently had the best dumplings in town. The restaurant was very busy which was a good sign. … Continue reading Adventures with Sweeda – Soho

Rules – The Oldest Restaurant in London

Rules is the oldest restaurant in London, opening in 1798 serving traditional British food. It has been on my ‘Places to Visit’ List for a couple of months so Hazel and I decided to go for my Birthday.   When we arrived, we were greeted by a doorman who welcomed us inside. The restaurant was warm and homely with Christmas decorations and fireplaces. We were seated … Continue reading Rules – The Oldest Restaurant in London