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Christian Dior Exhibition and Kym’s Restaurant


When my colleague advised she was going to the V&A to see a GingerBread Museum, I decided to take a look on the website to see what other events were on. I saw Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams Exhibition was coming in February so I gave Sweeda notice. Ticket prices ranged from £20 to £24 so we booked to attend.

Sweeda and I decided to meet before the exhibition to catch up and have a meal. Kym’s was recommended by Emerald Street now called Stylist in their December email. With them calling it one of the hottest restaurants opening in 2018. The Restaurant was opened by Andrew Wong and is a Traditional Chinese restaurant focusing on roasting dishes.

The restaurant was smaller than expected but the decor was beautiful with a cherry blossom tree as the centrepiece. The menu was simple but had some great choices to choose from. I was disappointed as there famous crispy duck was unavailable as they sold the last dish in the afternoon sitting.

We chose a variety of dishes including the Tiger Prawns Skewers, Pork and Shrimp ‘bao bao’, Three Treasure Crispy Pork Belly and Sichuanese Spiced Aubergine. We toasted with a Plum Bellini which was delightful. Dessert was Pineapple and Custard Pastries which was very pleasant.

Overall, the food was tasty and flavoursome. I would’ve given a 9/10 if the crispy duck was available.

Rating: 8/10

When we arrived at the V&A it was packed and we had to join the queue which went all the way around the corner. There was a mixture of people from young to old, male to female. The exhibition showcased Dior’s collection from 1947 to the present day. As soon as we stepped into the exhibition our eyes were drawn to the beautiful colours and exquisite designs.

“There is no other country in the world, besides my own, whose way of life I like so much. I love English traditions, English politeness, English architecture. I even love English cooking.” Christian Dior

Overall, the exhibition was amazing and I’m so happy I was able to attend. The French Designer’s pieces were dazzling, elegant and appealing. I am not surprised Dior has been named as one of the worlds top fashion houses.

Rating: 10/10

I hope you enjoyed. Please follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts. Until next time.

Petrina x

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