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Dishoom Shoreditch


I heard about Dishoom a couple of years ago but never got around to checking it out. Indian food is one of my favourites to eat so couldn’t wait to try out what they had to offer. My friend advised that this was the best Indian restaurant they have visited so I thought why not see what this restaurant had in store.

Dionne and I decided to check out the Shoreditch Restaurant. You can make reservations online but after 5.45pm you can’t book a table for under 6 people. We arrived at 9pm on Saturday and was advised that there would be a 50 minute wait. I didn’t mind waiting as I was determined to eat at this Restaurant.

We were given a device which would advise when our table was ready and directed to the Cocktail Bar. The area was packed with people waiting for their tables. I grabbed a menu and we scanned which cocktail to try. We spotted the BollyBellini which was a concoction of raspberries, lychees, rose and cardamom with Prosecco for only £7.90. It was refreshing and not too sweet. We ended up having three over the course of the night.

After 20 minutes the device we were given started to buzz. We went to the front desk and was lead to our table downstairs. There was so much choice to choose from the menu. The waitress advised that three dishes would be enough per person. I opted for Prawn Koliwada for starter which was Prawns in a Crispy Coating. For the Main Dish I ordered, Chicken Ruby which was a Chicken Curry, Cheese Nan, Butter-Bhutta which was Corn on the Cob brushed with butter and finished with chilli, salt and lime. I also ordered Steamed Basmati Rice to share which wasn’t needed. That’s 5 dishes; yes I was hungry. Dionne went for the Vegetable Samosas for Starter and Spicy Lamps Chops and a Plain Naan for Main.

The prawns were tasty with a delicious coating and a spicy dipping sauce. I would definitely order them again. The Chicken Curry was subtle with a thick sauce which was perfect for dipping my Naan in. The Corn on the Corn was luscious with the butter and slight hint of chilli. The Thumbs Up Coke wasn’t as fizzy as Coca Cola but had a nice taste. Dionne enjoyed her meal loved the Lamp Chops which weren’t spicy but melted in your mouth.

After finishing the main dish, the waitress asked if we wanted Dessert but there was no room left. I wish I could’ve clicked my fingers and arrive home as fatigue was kicking in.

Overall the food was amazing and the bill came up to £85 which included 2 cocktails.. The restaurant had a great atmosphere and the staff were friendly. I would definitely go back but will try a different location.

I hope you enjoyed. Please follow my blog to keep up to date with my latest posts. Until next time.

Petrina x

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