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My Bucket List


In life, there’s always something we want to do or see. I’ve created a Bucket List of all the things I would love to do. I will tick off the list as I complete each item. Please see my ever-growing list below:


  1. Add a lock to the Lovers Bridge in Paris
  2. Complete the Route 66 Road trip
  3. Eat Sushi in Japan
  4. Fly First Class ✅
  5. Pack a Bag and Book the next Flight
  6. See the Northern Lights ✅
  7. Stay in an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora
  8. Stay at The Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai
  9. Travel to Canada
  10. Travel to Croatia
  11. Travel to Ireland
  12. Travel to Italy ✅
  13. Travel to Lake District
  14. Travel to Las Vegas ✅
  15. Travel to the Maldives
  16. Travel to Poland
  17. Travel to Rome
  18. Travel to Scotland
  19. Travel to Singapore
  20. Travel to Thailand
  21. Travel to The Datai in Malaysia
  22. Travel to Venice
  23. Visit Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  24. Visit Disney World, Florida ✅
  25. Visit the Grand Canyon ✅
  26. Visit Getty Museum/Villa
  27. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
  28. Visit Rodeo Drive ✅
  29. Visit Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building
  30. Visit Stone Mountain in Georgia, USA
  31. Visit the Taj Mahal in India


  1. Adopt a Child
  2. Be Pregnant and have Healthy Children
  3. Buy a House
  4. Fall in Love ✅
  5. Get Married
  6. Own a Successful Business
  7. Write a Letter to Myself and Open in Ten Years’ Time
  8. Write and Publish a Book


  1. Donate Blood
  2. Be an Extra in a Film
  3. Complete the Up at the O2 climb ✅
  4. Create my Family Tree
  5. Fly in a Helicopter
  6. Get a Degree
  7. Go to a Bonfire on the Beach and make S’mores
  8. Go to a Drive-in Movie
  9. Go to a Gun Range
  10. Go to a Masquerade Ball
  11. Have a Song in the Charts and Make a Music Video ✅
  12. Knit a Quilt
  13. Learn How to Play the Guitar
  14. Learn How to Play the Piano
  15. Learn to Read Music
  16. Learn Spanish
  17. Learn French
  18. Reach Goal Weight
  19. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  20. Ride a Mechanical Bull
  21. Run 5km ✅
  22. Sleep under the Stars
  23. Visit Buckingham Palace
  24. Visit the London Zoo ✅
  25. Visit the London Eye
  26. Volunteer ✅


  1. Try Beef Wellington
  2. Try Sushi ✅
  3. Visit Seven Park Place by William Drabble
  4. Visit NOBU
  5. Visit The Fat Duck

What’s on your bucket list? Let me know by adding a comment below.

I hope you enjoyed. Until next time.

Petrina x

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