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Dinner at Banana Tree


Hazel invited me to Banana Tree, an Indochinese restaurant in Clapham. They have several restaurants in the UK. The restaurant was packed with happy customers.

We started off with some amazing cocktails. I had a Come Love Me Long Time and Hazel had a Pink Panther. I love the name of the cocktails.


There were so many delicious choices to pick from the menu. For starters we had Thai Spiced Calamari with Tamarind dip and Thai Chicken Wings. Both dishes were tasty and allowed enough room for the mains.


For the main dishes, Hazel ordered Sweet and Sour Crispy Chicken with Egg Fried Rice and I ordered The Legendary Chicken Rendang with Aromatic Spiced Rice. My main was incredible; the chicken was lovely and moist with the delicious Rendang sauce.

Main Dishes

To end as always. I ordered a dessert which was Warm Chocolate Indo-Fondant with Coconut Ice Cream and Passionfruit. The dessert disappeared from the plate within minutes. I’m sure I can get the Guinness Book of Records for eating my dessert the fastest.


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Petrina x

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