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The Mayor’s Christmas Carols 🎄


The Choir were asked to perform at the Mayor’s Christmas Carols today but I didn’t realise how big of an event it would be. The choir sang Behold that Star and Bridge Over You (Christmas Number 1 2015).

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan attended and gave a speech about sticking together as a city and not being afraid after so much tragedy has occurred in London this year. He comes across as a nice guy and was very friendly.

The Metropolitan Police Choir also performed at the event. Singing We Wish you a Merry Christmas to get everyone into the Christmas Spirit.

Elem our selfie queen managed to get a photo with Sadiq at the Reception held after the event.

It was a lovely event and I’m grateful for the opportunity. This was the last choir performance for the year so we have a break now to rest our voices. Until next year 🎶.

I hope you enjoyed.

Petrina x

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